Paulie Jakes
Full name Paulie Jakes
Appearances Mafia: The Chronicles of Lost Heaven - Part I
Date of Birth 1991
Date of Death 2026
Nationality Download (7) American
Home Dockside Apartament, Lost Heaven
Affiliation Arlijone Crime Family
"I need money. And I need it fast. Whatever job you can give me, it's better than busting my ass at the local fast food joint."
-Paulie asking Andrew McQueenson, his best friend to help him get a job.

Paulie Jakes is the main protagonist in Mafia: The Chronicles of Lost Heaven - Part I. He is a former Soldato of the Pacazano Family, and a Caporegime to the Arlijone Family.

Description Edit

Paulie is 6'5'' tall. He is medium built, has blue eyes, and short black hair.

The Pacazano Family Edit

Early in the game, Paulie asks Andrew McQueenson, his best friend since childhood, to find a new job. Andrew reveals that he was working for a Mafia family the last few months. Then Andrew introduces Paulie to Electrica Tasty, the Consiglieri of Pacazano Family. She helps Paulie to get a as the Enforcer for the family, and Andrew as a Soldato. Paulie runs a few errands for the Pacazano Family, before meeting the Underboss, Leland Pacazano Jr.. After a while, Paulie and Andrew get separated, with both of them doing their own thing. Paulie has only one friend, that was with him from the start, Electrica left. One day, Leland Pacazano finds out that Electrica is a rat, working for the Arlijone Family, and tasks Ike Neighour and Paulie to liquidate her. Paulie betrays the Pacazano family, and kills Ike, and spends the night with Electrica, whose real name is revealed to be Monica. The next day, Paulie dumps the body, and drives to the Pacazano hideout, to inform Leland of Monica's "death". Leland reveals that one of his men saw Paulie dumping Ike's body near the docks. Paulie gets knocked out, and wakes up in the docks. He was waken by Andrew, who was promised a Caporegime position, if he kills Paulie. Instead of killing Paulie, Andrew gave him cement shoes, and dumped him into the water. Challenged by the fact that they used to be best friends, Andrew didn't tie Paulie up, and gave him a tip on how to survive. Paulie uses the tip to swim to the other shore, break the cement shoes, and then run to the Dockside Apartaments building that was nearby. Paulie found himself next to Monica's house, and knocked on the door, but it was answered by a African-American man in a black suit. Both Paulie and the man insulted each other, until Monica interfered, and told Paulie that the man was the bodyguard, assigned to her by the Arlijone Family's Underboss, James Arlijone.

The Arlijone Family Edit

Paulie tells Monica, that he needs a new job, and that the Pacazano's knows that she is alive, and Ike Neighour was the one who was dumped into the river. Monica gets Paulie a job as a Soldato in the Arlijone Family. Paulie mostly works with the Underboss, James Arlijone, and later gets assigned as his bodyguard, by John Arlijone, the Boss of Arlijone Family. Together, James and Paulie do lots of jobs, including Kidnapping the Zazo sisters, kidnapping and torturing Daniel LeBouff, and assassinating Leland Pacazano Jr.. Eventually after John Arlijone gets assassinated in the Queen Mall, James becomes the don of Arlijone Family. Also, he promotes James from Soldato, to Caporegime. Next, they both plan to strike the Pacazano's where it hurts. They decided to go after Pacazano money source, Diego Escobar. James, Paulie, and a small army of the Arlijone gangsters raid Escobar's businesses, until finally raiding Escobar's bank, and killing him in the process. Next, James and Paulie went after Wolfang- Percival Monroe. Monroe had a big mansion near the lake of Lost Heaven. Arlijones raided it, and killed Monroe after a long shootout. Next, it's revealed that Daniel LeBouff was locked down in a garage of the mansion, and drove out in a armored ISW 508. Paulie follow LeBouff, and eventually knocks him off the road. LeBouff crashes his car, and begs Paulie to help him escape the burning car, claiming that one of his legs was blocked, and that he was unarmed. Paulie refused to help LeBouff, unless he tells Paulie where how to get close to Pacazano's and then kill them. LeBouff reveals that Leland Pacazano's funeral will take place after two days. Paulie, instead of helping out LeBouff, thanks him, and "puts him out of his misery". During a rainy day, Paulie and James with few other men invade the church compound, where the funeral will take place. Little did they know, all members of the Pacazano Family were there, ready to fight. A shootout occurs, with James ordering Paulie to go after Emillio Pacazano, whilst James settles the score with Paulie Pacazano. Paulie gets involved in a shootout, and sees James and Paulie Pacazano brawling in the bell tower. James knocks out Pacazano, but slips, and they both fall down the tower. It is unclear whether or not James survived, but the cutscene shows Pacazano's body laying on the ground, confirming that the fall killed him. Paulie breaks into the church building and faces Emillio Pacazano. Emillio insults Paulie, and Andrew McQueenson, now the Caporegime of Pacazano family, to kill him, as Andrew creeped on Paulie from behind. Andrew whispers to Paulie, that he is also a spy of the Arlijone's, and that he has a little army behind him. Andrew then, pushes Paulie to the cover of a bench, and hides himself. Paulie and Andrew shoot out the Pacazano's, who slaughter Andrew's men and leave only Paulie and Andrew to continue. Both Paulie and Andrew shoot down the Pacazano hitmen, until only five of them are left. More hitmen storm out, and Paulie's crew invades the church alongside him. Eventually all the Pacazano's and Arlijone's are killed. Only Paulie, Andrew, and Emillio are left inside of the church. Andrew runs out of bullets, and attempts to run to one of his crew members, and steal some ammo, but Emillio picks out a moment, and slaughters Andrew. This enrages Paulie, and he picks out a moment to shoot down Emillio. Once the shootout is over, Emillio is crawling to the casket of his brother. Paulie walks over him, delivers a monologue, and shoots him in both shoulders, the chest, and the head, finishing him off. After the end credits, Paulie spawns at the gates of the Church.

Trivia Edit

  • He is 25 years old.
  • Before the events of the game, Paulie works at a fast-food restaurant.
  • It is shown during the game, that Paulies' weapon of choice is Thompson Springfield - Series 201X. It is also confirmed that the silhouette on the cover of the game, that is holding the Thompson Springfield is, infact Paulie.
  • Paulie is given a giant apartament after the mission Big Rumble in Little Oakwood, that has three floors, a view of the city, nine bedrooms, a pool room, a locker room, dedicated to holding weapons. It also has a special garage, that has a car-sized elevator, that takes the car up to the first floor, where a second garage is located. If you compare the maps of Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven, and Mafia: The Chronicles of Lost Heaven - Part I, you'll see that this apartament building is built next to the Salieri's Bar. The bar is still there, but it's named Michael's Bar. It's confirmed that Michael is Salieri's grandson, but he isn't in the family business. The player can walk into it at any time, and it is shown that Paulie and Michael know each other, as Michael greets Paulie everytime he comes to the bar.
  • Going back to the topic of Paulie's apartament, after he gets it, there will always spawn three cars inside of the first floor garage. A black and white Roller GL3K, that is Sports Tuned. It has a number plate, that reads "PLE-007". Then there's a red, with a white roof Delizia Buzzsaw, that is also Sports Tuned, and has number plates that read "PLE-013". The last vehicle is a Super Charged Lassiter Leopard 1968, that is black, with yellow stripes. The number plates read "NBA-619". The Lassiter appears to be Paulie's favorite vehicle.

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