Mafia: The Chronicles of Lost Heaven - Part I is a third-person shooter video game, released in 2016. It was developed by 2K Czech, previously known as Illusion Softworks, and published by 2K Games Inc. Development was announced at E3 2010.

Plot Edit

The game is set in 2016, and revolves around Paulie Jakes, a guy who is struggling to live a good life after years of working at a fast food joint and losing all of his money after one rent payment. He and his friend Andrew McQueenson dream of living in a big mansions, with luxury cars, and women throwing themselves at them. Andrew reveals that he knows a woman named Electrica Tasty, who is working for a "Not so legal organization", and tells Paulie, that she claimed she can help them get into that organization. The trio meets in Michae's Bar, a local cafe, run by Michael Salieri. Electrica tells Paulie and Andrew that they can get work in the Pacazano Family, if they succeed in a task selected for them. The task was to destroy some cars parked in a parking lot near the City Hall. Andrew and Paulie destroy them, and reports back to Electrica. Andrew then gets accepted as a Soldato in the organization is going to be made. Paulie on the other hand gets accepted as a Associate, and works mostly for Electrica. After a few jobs, Paulie meets the Underboss of the family, Leland Pacazano Jr.. Leland needs Paulie to run him a few errands, and help in general. Paulie gets frustrated of being treated bad. After a while, Andrew and Paulie split to do their own jobs. Paulie feels like Electrica is the only person that he knows in the family. Then, Leland finds out that Electrica is a rat, that actually works for the Arlijone Family. Leland and his brother, Emillio sends Ike Neighour and Paulie to perform a hit on her.

The rest is coming soon.

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