Charlie Elias
Giorgi Marcano
Full name Charlie Elias
Appearances Mafia: Revenge
Date of Birth 1948
Date of Death N/A
Nationality Download (7) American
Home Apartment .457, Davis City
Affiliation Sabatello Crime Family
"I heard that boy was making moves with guns since Nam' 55'"
-Salvatore Sabatello

Charlie Elias is the main protagonist of Mafia: Revenge. He was an army veteran in Vietnam. After his father got killed for getting in debt with the mafia, he was forced to join the mafia, to pay off the debt.

Description Edit

Born in 1948, his mother died while giving a birth to him, he was left with only his father, who was gambling, and getting into debts, which soon led to his death. After his death, he was forced to work with Fanni Castagna the leader of Castagna Crime Family, which killed his father, althrough he was working for the Castagna first, he was noticed by Sal Sabatello, leader of one of the most powerful famillies in Davis City. At that point, he was working undercover, after meeting up with Francesco Zappa, in Francesco's. Francesco would become one of his best friends, after an ambush by the rival Belmonte Crime Family, Charlie escaped Castagna's family, to join the Sabattelo's. Althrough not paying the debt, he would soon kill Castagna to avenge his father. An ambush by KKK funded by Castagna, is made on Dale Reed, the childhood friend of Elias. However, Elias comes and saves him, escorting him to safety, Elias goes to kill the leader of KKK in Abraham City. Elias eventually kills him, which angers Castagna, and his people. After that, Castagna sends his people to kill Elias, but he in retreat, kills two of them, and lets the last one lead him to castagna, after that, Elias raids Castagna Compound, and finally kills Castagna. After that a meeting is held between Sabatellos and Belmontes, celebrating Castagna's death. But finds out that Francesco betrayed him for Sabatello, who wants to kill him to improve his reputation as the man who killed Castagna. Elias founds out that Sabatello was working with the KKK all along. After that Francesco kills Dale Reed, and tries to shoot Elias, but Elias shoots him back, and kills him. Sabatello and Belmonte both try to kill him, but he kills all his bodyguards, and eventually kills both Belmonte and Sabatello. And establishes his own crime family.

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