Brogan Family
Clemente Crime Family 1
Location Chicago
Founded By Albert Brogan
Current Boss Albert Brogan
Appearances Mafia:The Chicago Stories

Brogan Family is the third most powerful family in Chicago, it gained a position in the Commision in 2010.

History Edit

Albert Brogan began his life in organized crime working for his uncle Adam, who was the head of a Mafia faction in Dublin, Ireland. After moving to Chicago around 2005, Albert established his own crew and made his mark smuggling liquor into the city. Throughout the next few years, his faction had strengthened and developed; therefore he was invited to join the commission at some point during 2006.

Fall Edit

Sometime during 2009, Andrew and his brother Mike, began working for Brogans. On May 6 2009, the Brogan family are the first to act on Carl Lich (the founder and boss of the Lich Family) as Albert Brogan orders Luca to kidnap Carl Lich's accountant Harvey Epstein and his bodyguards Antonio Balsamo and Frankie the Mick to try and get information about Lich's drug business; they are taken to the Brogan Slaughterhouse where they are tortured. Ed Marco sends Andrew to find and save Lich's men before they are killed. At the end of it Frankie the Mick, Luca Sunero and many Lich soldiers perish in the slaughterhouse and Carl turns on Brogan. Though Mike knew that Brogan will once turn against Lich. Mike decides that they should kill Brogan and work for Lich instead, as he is more powerful, they kill him in his own car. This time the family is totally weak, and is taken over by Lich Family.

Family Structure Edit

 Don Albert Brogan † 

 Consigliere Unknown

 Caporegime Luca Sonero

 Soldato Henry Tesco *†

 Soldato Adam Brogan

 Soldato Sam

 Soldato Richie

 Soldato Richie The Notorious

 Associate Mike Quinn *

 Associate Andrew Quinn *

 Associate Anthony Paresko

 Associate Joe Pacella

 Associate Patsy Cannone

 Associate Rocco Luciano

 Associate Rocco Di Giovana

 Associate Sebastian Midolo

 Associate Jimmie Spit

† means deceased
* means formerly

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