Arlijone Family
Korlijon Logo

Location Lost Heaven
Founded By Edward Arlijone
Current Boss John Arlijone
Current Underboss James Arlijone
Appearances Mafia: The Chronicles of Lost Heaven - Part I

Arlijone Family is a Mafia Crime family in Lost Heaven. It is one of the strongest families in the city, established in 1940. It was led by Edward Arlijone until 1956, when he was arrested for attempted murder of the rival family Don, Leland Pacazano Sr. Then, the Arlijone family's control was taken over by Edward's son, Eric "Ruthless Butcher" Arlijone (Then aged 16.) His ruthless leadership led to Arlijone's becoming the most feared and the most powerful family in Lost Heaven. One of his most known crimes is killing Leland Pacazano's son, Thomas Pacazano and sending Leland Thomas's body in a hearse, that was driven by a Pacazano soldier, with a note left on Thomas's body saying "Is this your card? xoxo- Ruthless Butcher". The current don of the Arlijone Family is John Arlijone, the son of Eric Arlijone.

Family Structure Edit

 Don John Arlijone  

 Underboss James Arlijone

 Caporegime Edward Sr. Selijone

 Soldato Henry Arlijone

 Soldato Adam Arlijone

 Soldato Sammy Boy

 Soldato Biggy

 Soldato Rick

 Associate Rocky Mangano

 Associate Leland Thomas

 Associate Thomas Jr.

 Associate Joe Lerlo

 Associate Patsy Patsiono

 Associate Pete Palermo

 Associate Jesse Amore

 Associate Leslie Monroe

 Associate Jimmie Salleri

† means deceased
* means formerly
Æ means assassinated.