Andrew Quinn
Full name Andrew Quinn
Appearances Mafia:The Chicago Stories
Date of Birth 1978
Date of Death N/A
Nationality Flag of Ireland.svg Download (7) Irish-American
Home Chicago, Loop
Affiliation Irish Mafia
"I thought life of crime is different, I thought you can have anything you want, but turns out that I was wrong."
-Andrew during the ending sequence.

Andrew Quinn is the main protagonist of Mafia:The Chicago Stories.

Description Edit

Andrew has blue eyes, and a body build, he is 38 years old. Andrew is silent, and has no personality, he has a perfect temper, he wears a dark coat, and a hat.

Events of Mafia:The Chicago Stories Edit

The game starts with Andrew looking at the family photos, remembering the old days, when his father Anthony, and mother Irena, his sister Lena, and his brother Mike, were immigrating to Chicago, America. Then the game goes to Andrew coming back from the airplane to Ireland, after his father died he stayed in the old apartment, his brother Mike, welcomes him. They drive to the a caffe, and Mike tells him that he moved into a new apartment, Andrew then walks to the house due to the strong snow weather. Andrew meets his mother and sister, they eat and Andrew goes to sleep. Andrew's mom tells him that he shouldn't hang out too much with his brother, because he is involved with mafia, his mom also says that he should visit Aiden Weverick, and get a respectable job. Andrew gets out and finds a loan shark, threatening his sister. After beating him up, Andrew asks his sister, what happened, she replies that his dad owed him $2000 dollars. Andrew starts thinking how he will get money, he goes to Mike, and asks him for some jobs, anything but to give him 2000 dollars, Mike starts telling him, that he now works for the Brogan Family. And that he will help him out, they go to Mike Angelo's shop, to get the Decrypter. They steal a car, and get out. After that Andrew goes home, and the next day, goes to Aiden, Aiden tells him that some of the workers, don't want to pay for the barber shop, Andrew beats them up, and gives money to Aiden, Aiden then gives him his cut.

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